1. Partner for Marketing and Procurement

Maximizing the impact of your marketing investment by shifting the focus from cost to value

Media: We look at this spend as a key opportunity for a brand - when invested cleverly, it can give your organization a significant advantage over the competition. We’re here to help you navigate through the muddled and ever-changing media landscape to ensure your brand is utilizing all media effectively. Using innovative commercial models, our aim is to incentivize your agency in a way that delivers maximum value for your investment.

Creative Services: Through an appreciation of the value that a great creative partner can bring, we can help you create the right solutions with your agencies to support your brand objectives. Our knowledge of the advertising landscape allows us to help you find a partner that fits - not just creatively, but also (and sometimes more importantly) culturally!


Digital: The development of digital advertising is something that never stops and we pride ourselves in our ability to understand the areas where our clients can thrive. We can advise on how to best plan for and maximize your investment in the use of traditional digital channels including search, social, display and mobile. We also have a great understanding in the use of proximity marketing, native advertising and the use of content as a tool to drive interest in your brand.


Advertising Production: Having worked with many brands that have differing approaches to the management of advertising assets, we are able to design and develop solutions to support your particular need and find the best fit for you. By creating excellence in the way your brand produces it's advertising we can help you to focus more efforts (and investment) in getting the creative messaging and media deployment perfect.


Other areas of marketing investment: PR, Market Research, Events and Sponsorship all need robust sourcing strategies in order to maximize the value of investment by a brand.  We can design and develop solutions and introduce innovative approaches that ensure you are making the most out of all these areas of investment.


2. Agency Management

Setting you and your agency up for success


Agency Management Programs: Many clients invest significantly in finding the right partner but the job is only half done once the agency has signed the contract. We have experience in running agency management programs on behalf of various clients, helping to monitor performance across the agency landscape and deal with issues in a formal and structured process.


Compensation tied to performance: In the modern world of advertising, it is crucial to have an agency that is truly aligned with your brand objectives - incentivizing them in the right way is a great start point! Having created and deployed numerous versions of incentive based compensation agreements, we are well placed to work with you and your agency to come up with a model that helps you to get the best out of each other.


Dealing with poor performance: Sometimes the agency and brand relationship just doesn’t work. We provide an impartial and balanced view that can help to identify and isolate where the core problems are stemming from. Even if the end result is a parting of ways, going through this exercise will allow you to understand how your internal structures and behaviors may impact future agency partners.

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