1. For an International Bank

Increasing media ROI


Challenge: Chief Marketing Officer needed to better demonstrate the effectiveness of media investments to gain confidence and financial support from the C-Suite.


Approach: We proposed a collaborative approach to transform the existing remuneration structure for the agency/client relationship, thereby incentivizing the agency to look for new opportunities for increasing the return on media spend.


Key Opportunity: After working with the client to understand existing structures, we identified  and delivered  plans to improve the client’s audit methodology, remuneration structure, and understanding of agency deliverables.



  • Client saw a 16% year-over-year increase in the delivery of media value

  • Agency had clearer metrics for measuring success, leading to higher morale for the client and agency teams

  • C-suite gained a clearer understanding of the media spend impact, acknowledging marketing’s role in helping out perform business targets


2. For a Global Manufacturing Company

Gaining efficiencies in their marketing investments 


Challenge: The CPO needed to find opportunities to help the company gain efficiencies in their marketing investment after a recent merger


Approach: We conducted an Opportunity Assessment that detailed the current situation and opportunities that existed to drive efficiency. This was shared with the C- Suite to gain senior level support and prioritization.


Key Opportunity: The OAR identified opportunities to address over 80% of the client investment in media, production, point of sale, agency fees, and market research. A calendar of initiatives was then drawn up to address these areas.



  • Savings and value improvement in media were in excess of 18% of budget 

  • Initiatives in the area of advertising production led to savings of over 20% on production investment

  • A roster simplification approach to market delivered a 14% reduction in cost to the client


3. For a Pharmaceutical Company

Increasing value in their media investment 


Challenge: The procurement department needed support in increasing value in their media investment. A prior media agency relationship hadn’t delivered on their needs.


Approach: We carried out an “under the radar” market assessment to understand the value being delivered by the media agency. This highlighted the areas of the relationship that were under performing and offered suggestions to rectify the situation. This was shared with senior leadership to gain support for the approach.



  • By working in collaboration with the client and agency, we were able to redesign the agency/client relationship in a way that provided a win for both parties

  • A direct saving of over 22% of the original fee was achieved by redesigning the team support structure an the compensation approach

  • The agency was incentivized to deliver a further 15% of media value to the client which was tied to their compensation 

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